There are many things I could suggest you do with 10 minutes, but getting into this daily routine can have a great, positive impact on your life.


There has been a lot written about the importance of daily routines, particularly in the lives of super-successful people. If you work in a corporate environment, are a student, a stay-at-home parent, or, quite frankly, whatever you do, an evening ritual will greatly improve your productivity.


Each evening, before you leave the office, finish studying, or start the bedtime routine, spend ten minutes reviewing your To-Do list. Review the items that did or did not get completed. Are they still worthy of your attention? If so, they need to get back on your To-Do list and prioritized. Once you have an updated task list, look at the following day's calendar. Be sure all set meetings and appointments are booked as well as 10-15 minutes between to shift gears and physically get from one space to another.



Schedule specific time to complete your most important tasks. You are actually making an appointment with yourself so that high priority tasks and projects get completed.

If you have a job that requires you to handle crises that come up each day, make an estimate of how much time you spend on these unexpected surprises each day and block out that much time.

For example, if 90 minutes each day is spent 'putting out fires,' be sure that you only schedule 8.5 hours of a 10-hour day. And don't forget lunch!


When you are scheduling to get things done, it is helpful to batch similar items together. For example, if you set aside time to sort through email, it will be easier than checking email, making a call, going back to email, and then having a short meeting. It takes your brain some time to switch activities, so if you can put similar activities together, you will get more done in less time with fewer errors and less stress.

This is also true when you are running errands. Try to group chores in a logical way to reduce the amount of time you have to spend to get it all done.


Having a plan in place each evening will help you sleep better at night because you will go to bed with a clear idea of your next day's priorities. There will be days when you wake up in the morning to find that something occurred overnight and your priorities have shifted (global markets, sick child, etc.)

Because you had planned ahead of time, your priorities are clear. This gives you the flexibility and resilience to handle new challenges as they present themselves.

So much benefit from just 10 Minutes at the end of each day!

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