“You will never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks.”      

-Winston Churchill

Most of us have goals that we can identify when asked.  But on a daily basis, it is easy to get distracted by the 'noise' of everyday occurrences.  We are emotional beings, making it difficult to always have the perspective we need to avoid getting caught up in small inconveniences that can throw us off course.

It could be a comment from our boss that we perceive to be condescending or an indication that he is dissatisfied with our work.  Maybe it's the note from your child's teacher that is irritating because you feel it is petty or unwarranted.  Or a 'look' from a close friend or spouse that makes us feel that we have disappointed them in some way.  All of these situations can drain us emotionally and distract us from pursuing our goals.

Goals are not just related to achievement in the workplace.  Goals can also include the pursuit of healthy, loving relationships with close friends and family.  

The above quote from Winston Churchill is a reminder that while we need to deal with the barking dogs we should try to avoid letting them consume so much of our time and energy that it interferes with us realizing our destiny.

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