September marks the start of the academic year, and with it, an increased pace.  Gone are the lazy days of summer - both school and work are back in full swing and there is a lot to get done.

Some of us have a tendency to overcomplicate our lives.  We take on too much (either for ourselves or our kids) leading us to live our lives at a harried pace.  We are under greater stress and pressure than ever before.  The digital age has made us reachable 24/7 and we often feel obligated to be responsive at all hours, any day of the week.

What can we do?

Here are a few suggestions for keeping your life a little simpler:

1.  The news

I rarely have time to read the entire paper, but I don't want to be out of touch with major news events.  Earlier this year, my friend, Susan, introduced me to TheSkimm which is a daily email newsletter delivered to your inbox at 6 AM Monday through Friday. It breaks down all you need to know, and it’s smart, witty, and a quick read.

Take a look: 

2.  Do Less, Not More

It's great to have a lot of hobbies and interests.  If you're exhausted all the time, maybe you are trying to do too much.  Think about alternating hobbies with the season (painting in the Fall, skiing in the Winter, gardening in the Spring, golf in the Summer.)  Hobbies should bring joy, not stress...the same is true for your kids activities.  Like a 'kid in a candy store' they will want to do everything at once, if allowed.  Our job, as parents, is to provide some guidance and discourage them from doing so much that they become overwhelmed.  Remember - school is already like a full time job.

3.  Groceries

When I am tired and try to tackle a big shop at the supermarket, it takes longer and I succumb to impulse buys (I am weakened with exhaustion and have no fight left to stay focused on the list of what I really need.)  To make it easier, I order from FreshDirect (many local supermarkets also offer delivery options).  Now delivering to most towns in the NY Metropolitan Area, FreshDirect offers an easy option and great customer service.  While the items might cost a little more, they often run good sales, the produce and fish are good, and I know I am saving on fewer impulse buys!  

If you are a new customer, this link will get you $50 off each of your first 2 orders:

I hope the beginning of your academic year, which also coincides with the Jewish New Year, gets off to a good, simpler, less stressed start!

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