We live in a consumer-driven world.  Every minute of every day, we are bombarded with ads for items we must buy because they promise to improve our life.  And then it goes on sale! 

The latest gadget, a faster computer, the current clothing fashion, the trendiest shoes, an eco-friendly car.  It can be difficult to resist the deluge of things we are led to believe we need and want.

What can we do?

1.  Set Boundaries 

Creating a budget and instilling the discipline of one item in, one item out in your closet makes you more thoughtful about your purchases.  Never buy what you can't afford.  And stay away from the mall!

2.  Enjoy Experiences 

When you are tempted to purchase another item, think about saving up and spending that money on an experience - theater, music, or a special dinner can create a wonderful memory without the clutter.

3.  Purge Often

De-cluttering is an ongoing process.  Scheduling one hour each month will help you maintain an organized space.  If you've spiraled out of control, you may need to start off with more frequent sessions.  Breaking an entire house into small, individual projects will make it more achievable and less overwhelming.

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