"It is better to own less

than organize more."

-Joshua Becker 

When I am hired to help individuals organize, I remind them that the first step is to sort through the clutter and decide what gets to stay. In today's consumer society, we often have so much more than we can ever use...of just about everything.  

The clutter weighs us down and becomes a burden.  This is true for both adults and kids.  When we have less stuff and are able to create some open space, we enable our minds to think more clearly.

Bulletin boards and book shelves are often overflowing, filled to capacity, and visually unappealing.  Taking everything off, sorting and deciding on what is most important can make a huge difference.  If you have too many things you love, consider rotating items so that you actually see what you have.

When it comes to our kids, we often associate buying gifts with showing love.  Next time you're tempted to do this, think about finding an experience to share with them instead.  The memories are more meaningful than the objects.  And they don't create clutter!

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