When we think about physical clutter, most of our "stuff" falls into the following categories:

1.      Collections - will this be worth something some day?

2.     Things we thought we would use, but don't

3.     Sentimental memorabilia

4.     Expensive items that were a luxury to buy

5.     Justin Case - things to have "Just in Case" we need it

Chances are many of these purchases are really mistakes that our brains have difficulty processing.  A recent study at Yale University identified that two areas in our brain that are associated with pain, light up in response to letting go of items we own and feel a connection towards. It is literally 'painful' to let go of those things to which we have an emotional, physical, or financial attachment.

Being more discerning in our purchasing habits will result in owning fewer items.  Having less means reducing the pain associated with discarding our unwanted clutter.

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