Maintaining a level of responsiveness at work and in our personal life often prevents us from taking a much-needed break from technology.  Here are a few ways to avoid "technology overload":

1.  Set times to check email.  

It is estimated that office workers check email 30 times an hour.  Another article recently quoted "73" as the number of times we check our email daily.  Either statistic is alarming.  While it may be unrealistic to only check emails once or twice a day, aiming for once or twice an hour will save time and increase productivity.

2.  Forward all e-mails to one inbox.

While there are many reasons to have multiple emails, having all of them forwarded into a single email means only one inbox to check!

3.  Create "No Phone Zones."

When you are spending time with family and/or friends institute a "No Phone Zone."  This allows you to be in the moment, enjoying the time you have together.

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