• Too much to do?

  • Overwhelmed by your workload?

  • Feeling frustrated and ineffective?

I can help. You are probably being bombarded with more work than ever before. Expectations related to your productivity are sometimes unreasonable and time is scarce. You might be thinking you simply can't hack the job. Don't give up.

Let's work together to create a system that enables you to gain greater control of your time. I can help you develop a routine where you start each morning with a plan of action, knowing exactly what your priorities are for the day. Working together, you will develop the flexibility you need to handle emergencies and disruptions without everything else falling apart.

I will show you how to easily manage your email, create a comprehensive to-do list and integrate all of it into your calendar. Let's get you performing at the top of your game so you can be your most productive!

Sharon is a certified professional coach through iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and has an ELI-Master Practitioner certification. She is also a member of and credentialed by ICF, the International Coach Federation.


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