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Productivity plays a key role in work performance. Employees who feel they are in greater control of their time will be less stressed, more engaged and happier. Participants leave the following programs empowered to make small changes in daily habits that can have a profound impact on their work and personal lives.



In this half day session, participants engage in “big picture” thinking about how they actually spend their time and learn strategies to manage daily tasks, long-term projects, and constantly changing priorities. By understanding when and how they work best, employees can structure their workday more effectively. Meeting and email management, communication, and managing expectations are all discussed to help participants enhance performance and productivity. Attendees leave with specific, effective strategies that empower them to save time, better prepare, and create better habits. The workshop provides tangible ways to increase focus and productivity while reducing stress.  

Don’t have a half day? We also offer a 90-minute “power” session:

Super-Productive: exceptional focus and productivity

This 90-minute session helps individuals effectively prioritize how they spend their time. By managing distractions and interruptions, participants can maintain greater focus on their most challenging work.  Participants learn how to maximize planning so they can reduce decision fatigue and respond with greater flexibility and resilience to changing priorities.

A discussion of how to create new habits enables individuals to translate strategies into action. This course is targeted towards audiences with extreme demands on their time. 

Have a specific group in mind?

The Super-Productive training sessions above have also been customized for groups such as: IT departments, women professionals, administrative assistants, and grad students. We specialize in tailoring programs to meet specific needs.

additional services

Ms. Danzger is available for off-site meetings and will gladly create custom programs to meet your specific needs.  She is also available for individual consulting.

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