120 Strategies to do more and stress less

Sharon F. Danzger makes her living helping others be productive and effective. Her company, Control Chaos, helps clients improve their time-management and problem-solving skills. Now, Danzger is sharing her secrets with you in Super-Productive. Danzger has selectively cultivated 120 tips you need to know to lead a more productive life.


Through her guide, learn how to

  • tell the difference between essential tasks and unimportant ones,
  • create a nightly routine to make mornings easier,
  • tailor your communication to your specific audience,
  • streamline meetings,
  • identify and maximize your window of peak performance,
  • reduce decision fatigue,
  • improve your sleep habits, and
  • declutter both your living space and your life.


Danzger tackles e-mails, communications, meetings, work, distractions, procrastination, planning, time management, self-care, mindfulness, and more. By using her advice to make small changes to your daily routines, you will have more time to devote to the important things in your life. A habit takes twenty-one days to become fixed. In less than a month, you can adopt new behaviors that will yield spectacular results.

A little productivity and efficiency can lead to greater happiness and success and a significant reduction in stress.

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